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turn any corner, there’s something new by balanceds
(13k, AU, Harry/Louis, a hint of Perrie/Zayn)

AU. After graduating from uni with his degree in Costume Design, Harry Styles is finally ready…

Anonymous said: I wish ppl would stop making those videos saying harry is gay, I got here because somebody said he'd tweeted lyrics to this song. I think it is terrible if he's seen this, people need to stop harassing him about it. You're going to make him hate you.


Sweet mother of god. Of course this was coming. People like you is one of the reasons why I made the video in the first place. 

So you want me to stop making videos ‘saying Harry is gay’, huh? Do you feel like I’m forcing a sexuality onto him, is that it? Here’s a newsflash for you, the video is literally a compilation of Harry’s own behaviour, his own words coming right out of his mouth, it’s him who is giving thumbs up to rainbow signs and making gay innuendos, and it’s put together with a song that Harry tweeted the lyrics to himself. I’m not the one implying he’s gay here, Harry is.

Oh, and you want me to stop ‘harassing him’ about it? How exactly is making a video compilation of his words, actions and behaviour harassing him? You are basically saying that being called gay is an insult, it’s a form of bullying, Harry being called gay is offending to him because being gay is something bad and people who are gay should feel ashamed about it. Do you realize how hurtful this kind of mindset is to queer people?? Seriously, don’t you dare project your homophobia onto Harry who has done nothing but to show support of the LGBT+ community in addition to doing everything within his power to fight his closet. He’s not the one being uncomfortable and offended by gay rumours about him, you are



Zayn “doing” the ALS ice bucket challenge

Anonymous said: We got another pet name! Baby, sunshine, sweetcheeks and now Prince Harry, damn it.


I bet he’s on chapter 9 of Wear it Like a Crown.


harry styles + bad jokes + tumblr

you’re welcome, internet

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Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 18,573

Warnings: None applied

Side pairings: Zayn Malik/Niall Horan

Summary: Oh shit,” he said. “Oh – oh my god, what is – where – what - what?” he said eloquently, and Niall winced.

“Yes. Er. So, as I was saying,” Niall said, clamping a hand over Harry’s mouth before he could start shouting. Harry hadn’t known he was being so obvious about the impending shouting, but he quieted (politely, thank you) under Niall’s touch. “I’m a scientist. And I might have opened a portal in space and time, and you might have fallen through it by mistake.”

Harry blinked.

“Yes. So. Er. You’re in London. And the year is 2014.”


Louis is a creative director in a small advertising firm with a deadline to meet. Harry is a duke who’s fallen through a portal in time and space. They meet and fall for each other. A Kate and Leopold-esque AU.


Rating: Teen and up

Wordcount: 36,962

Warnings: None applied

Side Pairings: Zayn Malik/Perrie Edwards, Niall Horan/Barbara Palvin, past Louis Tomlinson/OMC

Summary: AU in which Harry runs a bed and breakfast and Louis’ just trying to figure everything out.


( ’ p ‘)

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title: Some Things Take Rootauthor: navigator & quitterpairing: harry styles/louis tomlinsonword count: ~50ksummary: AU. Louis’ ex doesn’t get jealous of anyone besides Harry. Harry helps Louis use that to his advantage.
Read on AO3.

title: Some Things Take Root
authornavigator & quitter
pairing: harry styles/louis tomlinson
word count: ~50k
summary: AU. Louis’ ex doesn’t get jealous of anyone besides Harry. Harry helps Louis use that to his advantage.

Read on AO3.

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I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?

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How to make a glitter bomb/ Be a total asshole.

1) Cut strips of tissue paper approx 8 inches long and 3-4 inches wide.

2) Carefully glue down the side, leaving the top 1/4 glue free.

3) Fold the bottom up to form a pouch, leaving the top 1/4 to fold over later.

4) Put them on a wire rack to dry. 

5) Get your glitter together. I used different kinds. Make sure to find some super fine extra sparkly shit so it gets everywhere and is a real pain in the ass to clean up. 

6) Spoon a couple teaspoons into the little pouches of tissue. Resist the urge to add too much! It will just make it hard to close the card later.

7) Carefully put a little glue on the top edge and fold over the flap, making sure to seal it well. 

8) Let dry for a bit. Trim excess if needed. 

9) Brush on some glue to the inside of your card roughly the size of your bomb. Stick a bomb to it.

10) Put a little more glue on the top of the bomb and close the card so it is stuck together. 

11) Mail to friends! 

12) Wait for the curses and threats to arrive! 

my fav

I usually just sprinkle it in the card.

Fucking genius. 

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No Church In the Wild - Angel Haze

hello Mr. Obama, Comma Mrs. Obama comma future elections, hello Hillary Rodham
Tell me what are the stakes, boiling pot to the plate, we can kill something, steal something, what the fuck does it take
Then tell ‘em you’re just a face that represents the choices they make and tell ‘em they don’t make changes only bigger mistakes
And tell ‘em I said fuck ‘em, thanks for bunches of nothing, land of the fucking free and home of the short comings

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"-I love you too, Bro!"

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Fanart for this lovely fic, written by lourrynavy <3


Fanart for this lovely fic, written by lourrynavy <3

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